SSTuino II: Advanced Scientific Track

The SSTuino II can do science! These experiments are co-developed with educators at SST Singapore for you to explore the physical world with your SSTuino II.

Upcoming Tutorials

These tutorials are still being worked on by our team, so do regularly check back to see if a new tutorial is available!

  • Metering: Design a basic voltmeter and ammeter with your SSTuino
  • Sensing - Temperature: How to use a temperature sensor and a temperature sensor with a waterproof probe
  • Sensing - Humidity: Using a humidity sensor to measure the humidity around you, utilising either the SHT31 high precision sensor or the DHT11
  • Experimental Sensing: running experiments with your SSTuino, with pH sensors and LDRs
  • Signal Generation: turning your SSTuino into a mini signal generator for square waves!

Request for New Tutorials

We welcome new requests for tutorials for the SSTuino II! If you have created something cool and you wish to showcase it, or you want a tutorial on a specific subject, please create a new Issue at our Knowledge Base GitHub repository and tag it under the "enhancements" tag.