Introduction to the SSTuino II

SSTuino Innovator's Kit v2

The SSTuino Innovator's Kit v2 is has a major redesign of the SSTuino and will be used in the School of Science and Technology, Singapore, from 2022 onwards.

The SSTuino Classic has been replaced with the SSTuino II and the Explorer companion board.

SSTuino II

The SSTuino II is a radical redesign of the SSTuino Classic. Inspired by the Arduino Nano Every, the SSTuino II has a significantly smaller board size as compared to its predecessor. The smaller board size allows easier integration for its users while having more powerful microcontrollers.

It contains two microcontrollers within, an Atmel 8-bit AVR ATmega4809 microcontroller, and an Espressif 32-bit ESP32 Wi-Fi coprocessor. To retain compatibility with the huge variety of existing 5V Arduino accessories, we picked an upgraded 8-bit AVR microcontroller, with 3x the amount of RAM and 1.5x the program storage as its predecessor (ATmega328P).

For a detailed listing of all the pins and functionalities, please refer to the pinout diagram below:

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Explorer Companion Board

The Explorer companion board is designed to adapt the SSTuino II to a more familiar Arduino Uno form factor. It allows users to begin their journey in electronics and Internet-of-Things with ease. This Arduino Uno shape allows users easier integration with TinkerCAD, an online Arduino simulation platform that allows our users to test out their circuits and code before implementing them.

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