SSTuino II: Advanced IoT Track

This Advanced Track for IoT is designed for you to explore more ways to use your SSTuino II to interact with the Internet.

Upcoming Tutorials

These tutorials are still being worked on by our team, so do regularly check back to see if a new tutorial is available!

  • HTTP Requests: How to send and receive data with HTTP!
  • Advanced MQTT: Understanding MQTT systems and how to interact with them
  • Building resilient firmware for IoT: How to make robust applications that recovers themselves when an error occurs
  • Static Web Server with NodeJS and aWOT: Making your SSTuino II a simple Wi-Fi station that broadcasts a web server
  • Home and Industrial Automation: Using Node-RED to create powerful workflows with other services

Request for New Tutorials

We welcome new requests for tutorials for the SSTuino II! If you have created something cool and you wish to showcase it, or you want a tutorial on a specific subject, please create a new Issue at our Knowledge Base GitHub repository and tag it under the "enhancements" tag.