SSTuino II - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This article contains the most commonly asked questions and basic troubleshooting tips for your SSTuino II product.

Problems with Uploading Code

I get a warning that says avrdude: jtagmkII_initialize(): Cannot locate “flash” and “boot” memories in description

This warning message will not affect your code uploads, and you do not need to worry as long as Arduino IDE shows that your upload is completed. If you wish to see the code upload progress bar, you can turn on verbose mode for code upload:

Update 2022/08/31: As of this date, you can update your SSTuino II board through the Board Manager to version 1.1.1, which permanently fixes this issue.

My code refuses to upload with the error avrdude: jtagmkII_close(): timeout/error communicating with programmer (status -1)

If your error looks like the one in this Arduino forum post, your SSTuino II might be faulty. If you still experience this issue even after unplugging everything from the board (except the USB cord, of course), and the board is within warranty, please contact us through the Help Centre and quote your board's serial number. 

Issues with hardware

The debug lights (lights on the top row) flicker when I touch the bottom of the board!

This is a normal side effect of how microcontrollers and transistors behave, and will not cause issues to your hardware. 

If you are interested to know the reasons behind the phenomenon, it is because every digital pin of the Explorer board is wired to a transistor called a MOSFET. These transistors are very sensitive to tiny variations in electrical pulses, and even a minor voltage difference such as the one caused by your fingers can cause it to connect the circuit and turn on the LED. 

My SSTuino II restarts itself when I use a servo/LED strip/(insert high power peripheral here)

The SSTuino is equipped with a polyfuse (a special type of fuse that can reset itself) that limits the maximum current to 1A. In addition, if you connect your SSTuino to a computer, most computers will limit the maximum power consumption to 0.5A. If you need to power high-power devices, you will need to supply 5V directly to the 5V line on the SSTuino.