Setting up your SSTuino II

Note: Please do not plug in the SSTuino II and/or its components to your learning device or any power source first. We will get to it very soon. 🙂

In this tutorial, we will install the required software, boards and libraries. This allows you to upload code to the SSTuino II. The installation process is simple and we will get you started in no time!

Download Arduino IDE

First, let us download the required software for your learning device. Click on the button below to download Arduino IDE for your Mac.

Download Arduino IDE for Mac

Once the app has been downloaded, drag and drop it into your Applications folder.

Launch the app. You might notice this pop up appearing on the screen. Click on Open

Tip: For those who are not able to install due to parental controls, please ask your parents to authorise the installation.

Installing the SSTuino II board type

Go to the preferences of the Arduino app

Copy this line and paste it into the box circled ("Additional Boards Manager URLs"):

Let us enable the Show verbose output during upload too! Click OK after you have completed.

Next, go to Tools > Board > Boards Manager:

Type in SSTuino into the search bar and click on install.


That's all you have to do to install the SSTuino II to your Learning Device.

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